is it love ?

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He is 31 I'm 51 don't know what this is? I don't know what to do,he text all night like every night we work in the same place have lunch together almost every day.everyone thinks we make a great couple ,we have good energy I am Aquarius woman he is Libra man very compatible .I don't know where this is going.
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Dear Doubtful Lover:

What you are experiencing is the blossoming of something called a May-December romance. This doesn’t refer to the time of year it takes place, or even how long it will last. Instead, a May-December relationship involves a romance between two people, one younger and one older, who find love in the arms of someone quite unexpected.

If he’s texting you all night, and you spend your days together, chances are he’s really interested in you. Your signs are indeed compatible, and will lead to a relationship filled with love, friendship, and balance. If you aren’t already taking part in socially conscious projects together, you should join the next fundraiser or 5K for a cause held in your hometown. It will be a great way for you two to get to know each other better outside of the constricting confines of work.

Perhaps what you’re really worried about is not your compatibility, but the untraditional age difference between you. Historically, men could get away with marrying much younger women, but women have been frowned upon when they married much younger men. But times are changing, and your relationship may now be more acceptable than you think. If this is your worry, you need to sit down and take a hard look at how much you want this relationship to thrive. If you’re sure that this man is the one, are you okay with the occasional side glance or stray comment from friends, acquaintances, and family members that may not accept it? And if you are, you need to find out if he feels the same way. With you and your potential lover on the same page, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t take the plunge.

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I have been with both older and younger men, and the upside to dating someone younger is that there usually alot more fun lol. But on a serious not, I've learned through my own relationships that love truly is just a number. I've always had much older friends and that's worked for me, at the same time I can also connect with alot younger friends. As if now I'm in a relationship with a younger man, and we will have been together for 8 years this summer. He proposed last June and we just moved down south and are having a good time together. He's very much my equal in all ways except for the number of birthdays he's had. So good luck and I hope you give it a chance despite the age difference!

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